4 Bedroom Apartment

The penultimate penthouse at Snowman Apartments

With over 135 square meters of living space, this 4 and a half bedroom penthouse apartment is the largest apartment in Snowman Apartments. The expansive views take in Madarao Mountain and the stunning valley across to the Shiga Kogen Mountain Range.

The apartment is laid out over two levels, with two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. There is an ensuite for the master bedroom of course.

It has everything you would expect from a luxury apartment in the snow... stunning views, designer fireplace, Japanese bath on the deck, boutique furnishings, unique artworks, modern kitchen and 400-year-old temple timbers featured in the lofty ceilings.

The apartment is filled with Japanese artisan joinery made by our master builder and an attention to detail not found in modern western construction. The builders work to half-millimetre tolerances ensuring perfection at every join.

With immaculate Japanese and Western design fusion and all the modern comforts you expect, this boutique penthouse apartment is the ultimate ski resort home.

2 Bedroom Apartments

Boutique comfort for your perfect ski holiday home

Snowman's 2 bedroom apartments feature expansive living and beautiful views of the mountains and valleys. Larger than most Japanese homes, the apartments offers ~105m² of living space.

The apartments are boast a relaxed lounge, a lovely Japanese style tatami room which can be opened into the lounge and of course a dining area. Offering a 2 double bedrooms, master with ensuite and of course the luxurious Japanese ofuro bath on the deck, these apartments are your perfect retreat after a day on the mountain.

Relax in the lounge listening to the warm analog tones from vinyl spinning on the decks chatting to your friends and family about the amazing snow on Mount Madarao. It is just perfect.

1 Bedroom Loft Apartment

The 1 Bedroom Loft Apartment is a simply perfect ski home. Located on the top 2 floors of Building B it has the most incredible uninterupted expansive views to the mountains and valleys below. You can see all the way to Shiga Mountain range across the top of an absolutely beautiful Shirakaba (White Birch) forest.

The apartments feature gorgeous lounges with high-vaulted ceilings, a lovely tokonoma (area of art appreciation), open-plan fully-featured kitchens, Japanese o-furo baths on the deck and all your modern comforts.

Two of the apartments are a generous ~68m² while one offers an expansive ~75m² of living space.

Studio Apartment

The Studio Apartment has all the things that make Snowman Apartments the best on mountain ski accommodation in the area. It is really a 1 bedroom apartment but the partition between the wall is a sliding traditional style shoji screen so we have called it a studio. Boasting a fully functioning kitchen, cozy lounge area with fire place, an ofuro - Japanese style bath on the deck with the view and of course the gorgeous traditional Japanese elements that makes it feel like a haven from the madness of modern life. A perfect combination of comfort and tradition.

The 1 bedroom apartment is in building B of Snowman Apartments and is a perfect balance of comfort and size. At over 50 square meters it is bigger than most Japanese 2 bedroom apartments ensuring an absolutely lovely ski town living environment.

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