Building the community

The Madarao community relies on tourism and the wonderful people here love meeting visitors from all corners of the globe..

We are working together with the local community to keep growing tourism and prosperity in the region.

We think it is essential to be a big part of the community and make sure we are out there for village gardening days, tennis court set up days and always go to the village meetings. Our project supports the local builders, shopkeepers, restauranteurs and suppliers in Madarao and the Northern Nagano region now and into the future.

That is why we never stopped the Snowman Apartments development. In fact we ramped it up during the Corona period. Things are getting back to normal in Madarao Mountain Resort and we are again enjoying and sharing the beauty, the food and of course the perfect powder with all our friends and guests.

The overwhelmingly strong bookings for season 2022/23 shows people continue to have a desperate need to ski and board (as do we) and we want people to love and experience Snowman Apartments, Madarao and all Japan has to offer.

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