Investing In Madarao


Irresistible Japan...

There's no place you'd rather be

Japan is a vibrant country full of culture, delicious food, wonderful people, stunning nature, unique sights and a rich history. When you add the best snow on the planet it becomes a destination that is irresistible.

Japan will be on display to the world during the upcoming 2021 Olympics which will shine a spotlight on everything that makes it such a wonderful travel destination.

A unique investment opportunity

Snowman Apartments is a unique offering in the heart of Japan.

The first time in more than a decade a development like this has been offered in Madarao. The quality, style and luxury of Snowman Apartments will set it apart from everything else in the village. We have kept it at boutique size so we can ensure the attention to detail and quality is exceptional and so we can create a community around the apartments.

This is not just about investing in ski property it is about having an asset that performs well both financially and for lifestyle. This combined with the potential of Madarao the few people who have the opportunity to purchase an apartment will get the most from Madarao and all it has to offer. The apartments will be sought after for years to come.

There are only 100 properties in the village ensuring their is a land squeeze...

This means investors who buy in the near future will benefit from holding a rare investment in a highly sort after village. It also means the village won't experience growth to the point of a decrease in the charm and enjoyment of Madarao. The layout of the village means there are even fewer blocks that are in excellent locations. Almost all of the properties within proximity of the ski runs have now sold. There is still stock available further from the ski lifts however none of the properties have outlook and most of them are inappropriate as accommodation for modern international ski guests without significant renovation. Snapping up an asset in one of the premium locations like Snowman Apartments will likely lead to exceptional capital growth.

Madarao is quickly returning to its former glory making investment conditions ideal

The property development conditions in Madarao are very favourable. The local laws have facilitated a development friendly environment however there is limited high quality land available meaning that those with access to the good land have a permanently premium location with an effective land squeeze everywhere else. Good to excellent capital growth in Madarao is likely as a result of this and a continual improvement in the infrastructure in the village. Each year new bars and restaurants have opened in Madarao for the last 4 years and we expect this to continue. It is only a matter of time before the retail and restaurant district in Madarao becomes mature and this will help to attract a loyal group who will patronise the village for years to come.

The lift company is continuing investment into the infrastructure of the lift system with a new lift to replace the number 13 lift which is slated for construction from April 2021. They have also added the installation of snow making facilities to their development plan to extend the ski seasons from late November to late April. This has significant implications for extending the prime winter revenue generation periods for properties in Madarao.

Summer activities are starting to take hold...

The lift company is actively pursuing an increase in the success of Madarao as a Summer destination. They have invested significant resources into building a Mountain Bike Course which is still being further developed each summer and is rapidly improving. The ski resort is on the right path as Madarao has just been announced as the Japanese location for "Grinduro" starting in 2020. The long running Jazz Festival continues to attract large crowds and more music festivals are slated for next summer.

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